Last updated: 12 July 2009
Subject:	ETX-LS Feedback
Sent:	Saturday, July 11, 2009 10:01:24
From:	Chris Matthews (
Hello All,
Just purchased my LS telescope. Had ETX-125 for a couple of years which
I traded up at OPT.

Im a novice amateur astronomer who was about to give up the hobby
because of bad alignments, crappy tracking, rubber banding and plastic
gears the ETX-125 had to offer. Using my LPI to capture planets raised
my blood pressure to an unsafe condition.

So I saved up some money and bought the ETX-LS.

My first impression, first day:

1. (Remember Im a novice) I was going to get rid of the LPI once I
bought the LS. Why....because I thought it came with a camera. Silly me.
The CCD is to aid in alignments. Should call it an alignment sensor
instead of camera. Meade got me. I was mad for feeling stupid.

2. It took me about 20 minutes to put it together and put it outside on
relative flat ground. Once the stars came out I flicked the light switch
and let it do its magic. Took 6 minutes. Went to Moon, Saturn and
others. Objects were constantly off in the same direction. Read the
manual (on CD) and did the Finder center correction. After that objects
were very close to center.

3. Tracking (Im only comparing this to the ETX-125) was flawless. Walked
away from saturn for 40 minutes. Came back still there. There is no
sound in tracking. Which is weird as my ETX-125 clicks and knocks and
rubber bands back and forth. I did not see any any movement in my scope.
Flawless tracking which means I can use my LPI.

4. Noise: As quiet as it is in tracking it is as loud in slewing. Sounds
like a coffee grinder mulching almonds.

Bottom line for now: I know buying a meade telescope is sometimes like
buying a lottery ticket. But it seams I got a very good scope on the
first try. I reserve to change my opinion after I put at least 30 more
hours on it. Very happy with it so far. There is a shot of Jupiter from
the LPI.


My only knock(s) No Manual. On the CD...come on! My ETX-125 manual is still under the bathroom sink for times I need to read something. Shaddy Advertisements. Ok Meade...get rid of the camera crap advertisements. You sell precision instruments not used cars. The SD Card holder is broke. Cannot put in card.
Mike here: The camera can take images, wide-field ones, that is. Meade says that. As to the manual, software and computer hardware companies have been putting the manual on CD-ROMs for years now. Like you, I would prefer a printed manual but it does seem that is normal now. As to the broken SD card holder, contact OPT. It should be exchanged.


I know I should.  But Im so happy with the tracking and optics I don't
want to take a gamble on getting another scope that might not be as good
as the others.  I live 45 minutes from OPT and it's a pain going back
and forth.  I think I can do the same capabilities by attaching a USB
cable and laptop.

I might change my mind. But Meade telescopes are like picking the

Thanks Mike. 

-Chris Matthews

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