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Last updated: 4 February 2010
Subject:	Digital Display on the LS
Sent:	Sunday, January 31, 2010 21:37:12
From:	Warren Spreng (
Finally, a clear night and above 10 degrees outside!  After being in
it's case for over a month due to cloudy skies I fired up my LS with the
new 3.2" display attached.  It was great using the display rather than
looking at the handheld.  Great color display and so easy to just scroll
down to the function you want to use.  The scope found the satellites in
less than one minute and was aligned and ready to go within 5 minutes. 
While the scope was aligning, the Digital Display showed the alignment
star and there is a cross hair in the display.  You can actually watch
the scope align the star on the display.  I decided to try out a shot of
the sword of Orion with the CCD Finder Camera so I picked M42 and the
scope slewed and the nebula was dead center in a 26mm eyepiece.

I then did a variety of exposures using the Preview Picture mode and
adjusted the contrast as well.  I also did the Dark Calibration to help
remove some of the noise that this camera has in it.  I think I still
need some practice but here is a two minute shot with the CCD Finder
Camera of the sword and you can make out M42.  No problem with the Mini
SD Card I have from SanDisk.  It is the 2 GB Ultra Mini SD.  I also
bought a pair of 6 inch tweezers that have rubber coating on the tips. 
This makes it really easy to pull the Mini SD Card out of the slot.  My
fingers are just to big to grab that thing in that small space on the

Finally, I slewed to Mars since the atmosphere seemed pretty steady and
took some quick shots with the Meade LPI attached to the scope.  I'm
pretty happy with my first try at Mars with this scope.

Great site Mike, I hope more people have the great experience I am
having with my LS!
Warren Spreng



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