Last updated: 4 October 2003

Subject:	Early morning ETX-70 observation report.
Sent:	Friday, October 3, 2003 10:38:06
From: (
I had such a fine session with my scope this morning, I thought I'd
better share it.

I woke up early (0400 CDST) and set the ETX-70 on the front lawn.

The sky was clear with the seeing fairly steady. The light pollution was
typical for a suburb of Nashville at 4 in the morning. The temp was 40
Fahrenheit with calm wind.

I leveled the scope but didnt bother with the alignment; I wasnt quite
awake yet.

I slewed over to Saturn and was astonished at the clarity with which I
could see the gas giant. I was using a 9.7mm super plossl with a 2x
Barlow and an Orion V Block filter. I could discern three of Saturns
moons. Titan was visible with direct vision, with Rhea and Iapetus
visible with averted vision. I wasnt sure about Iapetus, which is around
11th magnitude (This being near the limit of the ETX-70 at 11.5
magnitude). But confirmed it with software when compared to my sketch.
The view of Saturn was fantastic.

Then I slewed over to beta Monoceros. I had never been able to split
this triple star with my ETX-70 before tonight. I started with the 9.7mm
and Barlow with the V Block filter. It split into two components. Then I
tried a 6.4mm and Barlow with the V Block filter and was able to split
it into three discernible components.

Then I spent a little time on M44 the "beehive" with a 12.4mm super
plossl. Then off to the "seven sisters" M45 beautiful as usual. But M42
the "Orion nebula" was the belle of the ball tonight. I used a 6.4mm
super plossl with an Orion Skyglow filter. M42 just dominated the
eyepiece with M43 glowing right along side. It was the best view of M42
I have ever had, in any scope.

Then I thought I would try the "Horsehead". So I dropped the 26mm
eyepiece with Skyglow filter into the scope. Then slewed over to
"Alnitak" and started to look. No "Horsehead" but I could discern the
darker area of B-33 as compared to the adjacent sky. No detail though.
Im just going to have to find a darker site if Im going to see this
jewel with the ETX-70.

Not bad for an hour and fifteen minutes of observation this morning.

The ETX-70 is a fine little scope and I thoroughly enjoy using mine,
with or without the Autostar.

Thanks Mike for all of your efforts which make this just a great site
and resourse for all ETX owners.

Sincerely,     Tim Haller...electra188

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