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Subject:	ETX-70 observation report.
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Here is an observation report out of my journal. The observation was
made with my ETX-70 on 23 July of this year.

I mounted the ETX-70 on the 884 tripod for the evening. This proved to
be a stable arrangement. Grass set up, good level and easy two star
alignment. Tracking was excellent and all Go To's were 100% (18mm ultra
wide, 2x barlow = 39X and 2.0 degree FOV).

I was able to add several Messier objects to my list of items that I'm
trying to sweep up with this wonderful little refractor. M29...which was
fully discernible, M39...which looked like a mini "beehive" cluster,
M80, M54...a very faint cluster, and M28 which was also very faint.

I had wonderful views of Alberio, Mizar and Graffias. The color contrast
between Antares, Vega, Altair and Deneb proved to be interesting and
worth the look.

Not bad for an hour and forty five minutes of observation from the near
suburbs of Nashville. The ETX-70 is a capable little scope that you have
to work with, and when you do it will reward you with some awe inspiring
views of the heavens. Thanks again Mike for this very informative and
helpful web site.


Tim Haller...electra188

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