Last updated: 18 October 2003
Subject:	Daytime Observation of Jupiter
Sent:	Friday, October 17, 2003 12:39:53
From: (Craig M. Bobchin)
Since my wife gets up rather early to go to work I decided to see about
doing some early morning observations of Jupiter. I left the 105 light
mug out overnight so I had a nice cool scope to use. At 6:30 I got out
and slewed to Jupiter.

There is was very clean and  showing the 2 equatorial belts as well as
darkening of the polar areas. There was a light marine layer that helped
keep the skies steady.

I decided to see just how late I'd be able to see the largest of our
planets. The 105 tracked flawlessly and I was able to get good views
till about 8:00am. After that the sky got too bright and I was only
barely able to see a disk till about 9:00am when I lost sight of it

Next try will be Saturn.

Take Care


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