Last updated: 30 August 2003

Subject:	ETX 125 Mars Experience
Sent:	Wednesday, August 27, 2003 20:00:10
From: (Dan Hester)
I just finished over 90 consecutive minutes viewing the Red Planet with
my ETX 125.

I've got to tell was wonderful!  The unit tracked the planet
flawlessly.  I made only a couple of minor corrections during my entire
session...mostly when I changed eyepieces or used a barlow.

The ETX 125 gave great resolution with a number of eyepieces.  I used a
Meade 26 mm and 3 element Meade barlow.  The view was plenty
I went to a 20mm Celestron Explorer (cheap) with the barlow...the view
actually improved over the more expensive Meade eyepiece...even with
more magnification.

I got good resolution and sharpness right down to a Meade Plossel
9mm...but believe it or not...the eyepiece of the night was an
inexpensive Celestron 10mm.  At 190x..Mars showed its polar cap..and I
could make out every major maria on the planet.  No improvement with
filters...just the little 10mm and the ETX.  It was worth staying up

Your site just gets better and better...thanks for providing this fine
service to us amatuers. Good seeing to all.


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