Last updated: 15 September 2003

Subject:	User Observations - Uranus
Sent:	Tuesday, September 9, 2003 03:49:39
Hello Mike,

after you returned from travel you might put this into 'User Observations'.

Dieter Wolf
Munich (Germany)
Philips ToUCam pro (prime focus)
K3CCD Tools / Giotto / IrfanView

September 04, 2003
22:30 UTC (00:30 CEST)

There's something out in the evening sky.

NO, I don't mean that bright yellow-redish light everyone has been
looking at. It's much much weaker and you don't see it with your naked
eye - not at 'normal' skies. But you'll easy find it with your
binokulars. It's where three stars are lined up - where there should be
only two. Take your telescope with low magnification - abt. 50x - and
you're still not quite sure if it's blinking like a star or not.
Increase your magnification over 100x and - YES - it's URANUS. You see a
very tiny pale-greenish DISK. No shades on it, no details. You may
increase magnification once more to 150 - 200 - 250x and the disk will
grow and the turbulence in the air will grow. If you are using an
ETX-125 you may calculate that the disk contains of round about 15
distinguishable points of light - not much to see details. But you have
seen the 3".7 diameter of Uranus disk. And you can take a picture of it
- if you like to.
Uranus Uranus
You don't expect to see more on that shots - do you?

Always clear skies...

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