Last updated: 19 February 2002
Subject:	Jovian moon transits: Io, Europa. with ETX-90RA
Sent:	Monday, February 18, 2002 5:38:09
Hello everybody,

Taken from my logbook, 13/02/2002 20:34h UT Transit of Io. PL8mm, UWA
4.7mm. [[Io crossing Jupiter, starting at Jupiter's dark limb. Io could
be seen for about five minutes after 'contact' in front of the shaded
limb. Very bright at 'contact' and just after, and then gradually
becoming more difficult to see...due to it's planet-background getting
brighter. (as it advances in front of the planet). The UWA 4.7mm showed
it, but I preferred the image in the Plossl 8mm (156X). NTeB tried to
show itself as well.]] Seeing was fairly okay, but not entirely perfect.
The scope had been outside (+3.9 degrees C) for about an hour. I am now
hooked on seeing transit starts at the shaded limb of Jupiter, a little
bright moon against the dark limb makes a very pretty visual image.

Taken from my logbook, 17/02/2002 19:25h UT Transit of Europa. PL8mm,
SP6.4mm. [[Europa crossing Jupiter, starting at Jupiter's shaded limb.
Transit starts at north-border of SEB. I could see the moon for a
couple(2) of minutes in front of Jupiter's terminator, but it was
quickly washed out.]] The scope had been outside (+2.5 degrees C) for
about 5 minutes. Atmospheric- and telescopic seeing were not very good,
I was constantly refocusing too.

(If anyone has a digital image of of a Jovian moon set against the
shaded limb of Jupiter, and is willing to email it to me or lead me to
it's location??? I would love to use it as wallpaper on my laptop.

Recently I have been able to see the NTeB (Northern Temperate Belt)
quite regularly, even with the SP 15mm (83X). I am now usually also able
to pick it out when the seeing is not good. As I am getting better at
observing Jupiter, I also am now starting to see detail in the SEB and
NEB when the seeing is good at about 129X.(SP9.7mm).

The scope was mounted on the new #884 tripod, what a joy to use!!!
observing from the Netherlands
52 28.37 N
 6 24.44 E
WGS 84

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