Last updated: 10 April 2003
Subject:	Great site !!
Sent:	Wednesday, April 9, 2003 04:16:26
From: (Johnny Landgren)
Just want to thank You for at Great site!

I Just got my new ETX 90 EC and since I over the past weeks have read
"megabytes" of useful information at Your site I was extremely well
prepared when my scope arrived.

I used to be a very active amateur astronomer as a teen during the 70s
but since 1978 I have focused more on other things like career and
family. So on Sunday it was something of a "resurrection" of my
interest, this after 25 years "on hold"...

I got a perfect "polar alignment" and the "go to" function worked super.
Thanks to the "go to" I think I spotted more "deep sky" objects on this
single night than during 5 years on the 70s, (Even if I had access to a
Celestron 14 back then!)

I am also extremely impressed by the ETX 90 optics.  Stars down to
Magnitude 12,6 vas visible and after having spotted many Mag. 10+
galaxies in "Coma Berenices" I decided to perform a test. I vent to NGC
4298 at magnitude 11,30 and it vas clearly visible(!) even more
surprising was that close by NGC 4302 at Magn.11,60 also tough was
visible! All with the standard Meade 26 mm eyepiece.

I then did "Dr.Clay's constellation guide" for Coma Berenices an spotted
ALL objects in the guide, despite that according to the guide some of
them only where to be visible whit LX 90 or EXT 125!

Once again, thanks for Your great site. Not only was I extremely well
prepared when my scope arrived, Your "mighty ETX site" also provided me
whit the best input on what accessories and eyepieces to buy, update
information to my "Autostar", Alignment tips, well I can make this list
of benefits pages long....

Finally, I only hope to be able to "pay back" by contributing with
experiences when I future on have developed my ETX skills.

Greetings from Sweden / Johnny

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