Last updated: 13 May 2003
Subject:	ETX90RA, Daylight Ganymede transit ......
Sent:	Monday, May 12, 2003 15:13:06
From: (martyn)
Last saturday there was a transit of Ganymede, one of the moons of
Jupiter was crossing the face of Jupiter....during the day!

I was following this daylight-event through my larger Maksutov(MK67)
from about 18:15h DST local(Netherlands). At 20:10h Ganymede had passed
the central meridian and showed as a very dark spot against the
equatorial zone of Jupiter, just north of the SEB.

I decided to try this with the ETX90. It also showed Ganymede quite
nicely at 195x with the SP6.4mm eyepiece as a dark spot. Higher and
lower powers were less successful but the 6.4 showed Ganymede very well
in front of Jupiter during full daylight!


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