Last updated: 22 August 2003
Subject:	Mars Observation
Sent:	Wednesday, August 20, 2003 08:45:10
From: (Morris Clive TRY/TRE)
Here is an observation of Mars with an ETX90EC on 12 August,2003 at
22.10 UT.

CM of Mars: 75.1 degrees.      I used the 9.7 mm eyepiece (X129).
Seeing: IV (Antoniadi's scale).

I could just about see the south Polar Cap and a dark area surrounding
it. I could also see a dark area to the north (Mare Erythraeum or Solis

(I have been a keen amateur astronomer for over 30 years,previously
using an 80mm refractor and also an 8.5 inch Newtonian(215mm)).

Caernarfon,Gwynedd,North Wales,United Kingdom. Cymru is the name of our
country,Wales,in the welsh language. Mars in welsh is Mawrth Which also
means Tuesday.

Best Wishes, and clear skies to all amateur astronomers,
Clive Morris                     

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