Last updated: 15 September 2003
Subject:	ETX90EC and Mars Surface Shading
Sent:	Sunday, September 7, 2003 18:48:18
From: (Michael R)
I observed Mars last week with an ETX90 EC with an Orion Expanse 20mm
lens.  I saw a darker pattern on the surface of Mars that look something
like the letter Y.  My observing conditions were about as bad as one
could find.  My location was my driveway lit with a mercury vapor lamp
plus a spot light on my American flag plus a street light plus neighbors
mercury vapor lamps plus inside Tulsa city glare plus a Mars viewing
angle of only about 45 degrees.  I didn't see the clarity of the
following but at least I could see some surface shading.

The Orion Expanse 20mm lens works well with the ETX90 EC and is a very
good performer.

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