Last updated: 15 September 2003
Subject:	Beautiful Mars with ETX90
Sent:	Monday, September 8, 2003 08:09:09
From: (Irwan Adinatha)
It's a very very nice site with lots of information that are very
usefull for beginner like my. I have always wanted a telecope since 2
years ago and finally I decided to get one and the ETX90EC UHTC arrived
3 days ago. I bought the DS2114 a month ago and I was actualy
dissapointed so I had it exchanged with ETX90. Mars was nothing but a
bright star with DS2114 and I couldn't see anymore detail with the value
pac(4 mm,6 mm & 2xbarlow)eyepieces from meade. Then I decided to give
ETX90 a try and the result was amazing. I have never imagined that a
telescope this small would yield so much detail of mars. I used the 6mm
with barlow and I can see the polar ice caps clearly and also the Maria
(the dark part? correct me if I'm wrong). I have to say that it was the
best $500 I have spent in my life. Although the size of mars is not that
big in ETX90, still I'm very satisfied. I agree that it should be called
the "Mighty ETX". I would have gone for bigger telescope now if only I
have the budget. It's time to save some more money :)
Mike here: Yes, you likely saw dark areas and the South Polar Ice Cap. See my article "Mars 2003 - What should you expect to see?" on the Buyer/New User Tips page.

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