Last updated: 4 October 2003
Subject:	Viewing Mars on ETX-90 UHTC
Sent:	Wednesday, October 1, 2003 14:03:26
From: (John Banks)
Firstly i must congratulate you on an excelent site. Before i found your
site i was stuck in a rutt when it came to finding any information on
the telescope but now you have completely renewed my interest.

I have been viewing mars for the last month and would just like to
report what ive seen. Im running on the meade deluxe tripod and have the
large set that meade supplied for such a low price. I live in northern
ireland, a long way away from the nearest city (Belfast) so viewing
conditions are exelent when its not raining....

I hadn't expected nearly as much as i did when viewing mars. As far as i
knew i thought i would see simply a round red disk with no visible
detail but nothing was further from the truth. The south polar ice cap
is so visible its impossible not to notice it, and clearly sticks out
from the rest of the planet. I can see the dark areas of the maria and
can just about make out the shape of it. Now even a month after the
closest oposition i am still drawn to looking at mars and still shows
splendid detail, people shouldn't just give up if they missed it at the
end of August. I have even tried taking picutres with a fufi mx 2700
with some rather odd results.

Thanks for the great site 

John Banks 

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