Last updated: 11 October 2002

Daytime Star Observations

Subject:	Noon-time Pollux, ETX90RA !!!
Sent:	Tuesday, October 8, 2002 11:40:06
From: (martyn)
Today I bagged my noon-time star. Between 11:55h and 12:07h local time
(or 09:55h UT - 10:07h UT, or more appropriate for the
occasion:lunchtime) my ETX 90+SP26mm was pointed at a for outsiders
completely "empty" piece of blue sky.

I was observing Pollux, 42 degrees above the western horizon. With the
Azimuth and Altitude values extracted from Redshift 2, it didn't take
too long to find the star. Direct vision was not needed, it remained
visible when looking directly at a point up until 1/4 or 1/3 field of
view radius away from the star.

It was clear, but also quite windy (poor seeing), the SP15mm spread the
light of the agitated star beyond prettyness so I stayed with the

I searched for Castor as well but didn't find it. Maybe the seeing maybe
it was me, I'll be trying again. I completely forgot about Capella,
which should have been easy...I think. Will try that one next time as

On the 4th of October I viewed Vega again during daytime, but now 2
hours and 28 minutes before sunset.

Comparing Vega and Pollux convinces me that Vega should be easy to catch
in the middle of the day during the winter.

Clear skies, night AND day.....

observing from The Netherlands

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