Last updated: 15 October 2002

Daytime Jupiter Observations

Subject:	Jupiter for lunch.....ETX90RA!
Sent:	Sunday, October 13, 2002 5:57:21
From: (martyn)
On friday October the 11th at 12:10h(local) I found Jupiter through the
ETX90RA with SP26mm, 42 degrees above the western horizon, under very
WINDY conditions. Jupiter culminated today at 09:23h, so at 01:10h it
was well past it's highest point.

Around the planet the sky was not a deep darkblue due to a slight haze.
But Jupiter was immediately VERY apparent when it entered the field of just could not be missed. At 48X the two equatorial belts(SEB
and NEB) showed up quite well.

A hazy cloud passed in front of Jupiter and the planet stayed visible.
Then a dispersed aeroplane vapourtrail spoiled the fun a bit. Through
denser parts of the vapour trail Jupiter was sometimes more difficult to
track and the SEB and NEB would wash out.

But behind the vapourtrail was crystal clear sky so I put in the SP15mm
for 83X. Through the lesser dense parts of the vapourtrail the planet
was quite well seen, so were the SEB and NEB AND.....the north- and
south polardarkenings!!!

Just after 01:00h(local) Jupiter entered crystal clear sky and it showed
up very well. In moments of better seeing the SEB and NEB were rather
crisp and the north- and south polar darkenings were well seen. The
SP9.7mm at 129X made the image rather fuzzy, although the NEB and SEB
were still detectable.

By 01:10h Jupiter had descended to about 33 degrees above the horizon
and had became slightly more washed out through the SP15mm, at this time
a last quick look through the SP26mm still showed the belts well.

I didn't see the North Temperate Belt, nor did I see any moons -48X, 83X
and 129X- although they were all nicely lined up west of the planet.

Jupiter is an EASY find through the ETX90 in a clear daylight sky and I
reckon a shadow transit should be visible in same instrument during the
day as well.

Well, I enjoyed my lunch, enjoy yours!

Observing from the Netherlands

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