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Subject:	Triton
Sent:	Sunday, November 11, 2001 4:12:56
From:	paul.davey@cwctv.net
This is really a question for postingon User Observations if that is
possible. I have been looking for Neptune for some days now. I have been
aligning fine and going to Mars (and synching on it), then when I go to
Neptune, I see a double point of light. I can't believe I am seeing
Triton as well as Neptune, not with 90mm of aperture and not even using
a Barlow lens - I know Triton is big, but I still find that pretty
incredible, and it is low on our horizon by the time it's visible, so
viewing not brilliant. Also there are a fair few double stars in
Capricorn. Yet whenever I re-align and try again, back I come to the
same double spot. Any opinions, please?

Paul Davey
44 Great College Street
Mike here: In looking at my Voyager III display, I don't see any real bright stars near Neptune and Triton is well off to the side. But it is around Magnitude 13 (approx) so it won't be seen in a 90mm telescope. There are some brighter stars within about a degree of Neptune right now.


Thanks for the reply Mike. I guess I must be looking at a double star,
although I  keep checking my alignment and synching. It is all so low on
the horizon I am not getting brilliant viewing, even when the sky is

All the best.

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