My brother Paul passed away unexpectedly on 15 June 2000. This page is a Memorial to him. I wanted to do this because he was such a large influence in my life. When I was six years old, he took me into our backyard and showed me the night sky. This was the start of my love for astronomy. For a birthday present when I was 14, he gave me a subscription to SKY AND TELESCOPE magazine. I have been a continuous subscriber since then and still have all 40+ years of issues. He got me interested in science in general, science fiction, and computers. I followed him to Indiana University where he had majored in mathematics, with a minor in astronomy. I majored in astrophysics. Throughout the years, our common interests kept us in touch, visiting each other when we could, even though we lived in different parts of the country. He was my mentor. He was my friend. He was my brother. He will be missed.

The Hubble Space Telescope photograph above was his favorite. The Hummel "Star Gazer" statue was so indicative of his joy of the heavens. It has special meaning to me because of Paul's teaching me the night sky when I was six. Thank you, Jan (his wife), Jeff (his son), and Jenny (his daughter) for allowing me to keep this part of Paul close to me.

Instead of emailing condolences, if you feel so inclined, please make a donation in memory of Paul Dean Weasner to the:

The American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - AACFS
c/o Harborview Medical Center
325 Ninth Avenue
Box 359780
Seattle, WA 98104
United States of America
TEL VOICE: (206) 521-1932
TEL FAX: +1 Fax: 206-521-1930

The American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (AACFS) is a non-profit organization of research scientists, physicians, licensed medical healthcare professionals, and other individuals and institutions interested in promoting the stimulation, coordination, and exchange of ideas for CFS research and patient care as well as periodic reviews of current clinical, research and treatment ideas on CFS for the benefit of CFS patients and others.

Paul suffered numerous years from this illness and at one time was manager of one of the Seattle support groups.

Thank you.