Last updated: 8 October 2007
Subject:	You inspired me to make an Excel spreadsheet for Polar alignment any day of the year.
Sent:	Saturday, October 6, 2007 18:08:19
From:	Tim and Sue (hortaridis@verizon.net)
I saw your charts and they were really enlightening.  I thought that I
could make a chart that would give a time any day any time of the year
when Polaris and Kochab would be aligned so you wouldn't have to guess
or wait until March, June, September and December 15th at 9pm to get a
perpendicular line.  I've attached the document for you.  The only
question I have is do I need to set my time to 8pm versus your 9pm
reading (I'm in the Eastern Time zone) or do I just leave mine on 9pm?

Thanks and please give me your feedback.
Tim Hortaridis (Amateur astronomer)
I'm getting my first Celestron Celestar 8" Schmitt Cassegrain this week.
I had a Bushnell 100mm a few years ago.

Mike here: Handy chart for those who use the Kochab method. I believe Dr. Clay Sherrod created the charts for approximately 9pm local time for each season.


Thanks for the reply.  I figured it was local time but I wasn't sure. 
By the way I wanted to say you have a great website.  I learned a lot
looking through it.  If you want you can use and distribute this chart
please feel free to.  I just hope everyone understands my thoughts.  It
was a painstaking process to get the math and format worked out but once
I did that the rest was easy.

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to put up such an
informative site.  I especially like how clearly described aligning an
equatorial mount was.  I've bookmarked it for future reference. 
Hopefully I won't have any problems and I'll send you some CCD pictures
and videos of what I find out there.



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