Last updated: 13 September 2005

Subject:	Complete Guide to the Constellations
Sent:	Saturday, August 27, 2005 08:20:35
From:	Mark and Alison Kudlowski (
The attached document (Zipped Word format) includes details of all the objects
I had viewed and written about in my user observations (using an
ETX-125) over the past year. Particularly useful is the
cross-referencing of SAO numbers to hundreds of the double stars in the
lists, but variable stars and deep-sky objects are also included, as are
far-southern targets.
Clear Skies
Mark Kudlowski

Subject:	Revised Constellation Lists and short reports.
Sent:	Sunday, September 11, 2005 16:14:40
From:	Mark and Alison Kudlowski (
I have edited the Constellation Lists (posted three weeks ago) up to
version 2.1 (attached as Zip). All double stars now have the year of
measurement included, together with more accurate values for magnitudes,
PA, and separation.

Mark Kudlowski

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