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Some astronomical events for the rest of 2001

From: rodolfo_mier@yahoo.com.mx (Rodolfo Mier)

Here are some main astronomical events for the rest of 2001.

The sources were:
"Astronomy" by Carole Scott (excellent reference) and "Starry Night Blackyard" software.

March 28, 2001 Saturn near to be hidden by the moon (almost an occultation)

March 29, 2001 Moon between Aldebaran and Jupiter (beautiful moment)

April 25, 26, 2001 Saturn, Jupiter occulted by the Moon (during day light)
(at night time you will just see the Moon near the two planets)

April 30, 2001 to May 6, 2001 Venus at the morning (depending of your latitude)

May 5, 2001 At sunset, Mercury will be at the horizon below Pleiades

May 5, 6, 7, 2001 Saturn Jupiter and Mercury making a triangle (goodbye giants!)

May 15,16 2001 Mercury and Jupiter very close each other

May 22, 2001 Mercury in elongation

May 24, 2001 Crescent moon with Mercury near.

June 21, 2001 Mars at 42 million miles (the closest it has been since 1988)

June 8, 2001 Venus in elongation

June 13, 2001 Mars in opposition

July 9, 2001 Mercury in elongation

July 21, 2001 Mars is closest to Antares (observe retrograde motion during those days)

July 21, 2001 Total sun eclipse

Sept. 18, 2001 Mercury in elongation

October 29, 2001 Mercury in elongation

December 3, 2001 Saturn in opposition

Rodolfo Mier.

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