Last updated: 17 May 2005

'Blinky' Anti-Collision Light
ScopeStuff Product Number: #BLNK-3

During a recent trip to Oracle Observatory I discovered one problem with such a dark site: seeing the tripod legs was difficult! So I decided that I needed to get some small lights for the tripod legs. I decided to purchase a set of three "Blinky" LEDs from ScopeStuff for $25. They also sell a single unit for $9.

They are solidly made and work well. Their use is obvious: you slide the ON/OFF switch and hang (a chain is included) or attach (velcro included) them to your tripod legs. What wasn't so obvious was how to change batteries. So I sent this email to ScopeStuff:

One question about the Blinky lights: while it may be obvious, it was not clear to me whether the small screw needs to be removed to remove the battery compartment cover. I tried to slide the cover off but it would not move much and I didn't want to break anything.
and I quickly received this response:

Subject:	Re: ScopeStuff Order - Blinky lights
Sent:	Friday, May 6, 2005 17:05:09
From:	Jim Henson (
Hello Mike,

The small screw does secure the battery compartment lid.

Thanks for your business!

Here is how one of the units looks on a LXD55 tripod leg:



I fully expect to get a LOT of use and protection (!) from the ScopeStuff "Blinky" lights!

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