Last updated: 27 September 2005
Subject:	Lumicon ND 25 review
Sent:	Friday, September 23, 2005 18:15:36
From:	Eric Theblack (
Lumicon Neutral Density 25 Lunar Filter

I tried the ND 25 filter out on the harvest moon.  I
am pleased to report that it worked as advertised.  As
an astronomer with any sort of experience will know,
you cannot look at the full moon through a telescope
because the glare is blindingly harsh.

I like this filter because it is a good go-between. 
It is not too dark and not too light.  It cuts down on
the glare of the full moon while still allowing a bit
of luminosity, which call me crazy but I like.  Yet it
allows you to see so much detail.  It's hard to
imagine you can get any more details than this.  I saw
pits and indentions in crater walls, mountain ridges,
chalk mark blast lines from craters, etc.  I tried it
out again later in the week when the moon wasn't quite
full and  got a really good view of the line
seperating the dark and light side, with shadows cast
on the light side and everything.  Awesome.

I was using the ETX 125 PE UHTC with standard Meade
26mm super plossl at first.  At 73X, it gave me a nice
wide view of the entire moon.  Then I switched to the
vaunted Nagler 13mm Type 6, for 146X.  The Nagler
really shined through here.  I even barlowed it with
the Televue 2.5X powermate, pushing it up to 365X, and
did not see any noticable decrease in detail or image

Very recommended.

Price is $19.95

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