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Prime Focus T-Adapter
Scopetronix Product Number: STT125

WARNING: I recently planned to take a bunch of photos of Jupiter through my LXD55-8"SC using the Scopetronix MaxView II DSLR adapter but had a problem getting the T-Ring to seat properly on my Nikon D70. Unfortunately by the time I figured out what was wrong I was "dew-ed out". What I discovered was that the small screw in the T-Ring (seen properly screwed in in these photos) was very loose (almost falling out) and was hanging at an angle. So the T-Ring would not turn more than about 10 degrees instead of the normal 45 degrees.

photo photo

Once I managed to get the screw tightened back down the T-Ring turned and seated properly. I don't know what would have happened had the screw worked loose and fallen inside the camera while the T-Ring was being attached (bad things I'm sure) or disappeared into the grass. Just something to be aware of and check for before attaching a T-Ring to your camera (if your T-Ring has this small screw).

Scopetronix sent me one of their T-1.25" adapters for prime focus photography and a T-Ring (MTNIK; $19) for my Nikon D70 DSLR camera.

Here you can see the adapter (on the left), the T-Ring (middle), and the D70 (on the right) before being attached:

Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

And here is the complete unit:

Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

I mounted the D70 DSLR on each of my telescopes. Here is what each looks like:

ETX-70AT (would not focus; had to use a 2X Barlow Lens to focus)
Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

ETX-90RA (would not focus through the Shutan Wide Field Adapter)
Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

ETX-90RA (did focus with just the Shutan Visual Back)
Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

ETX-105PE (note that the camera is rotated 180° to fit due to the LNT module)
Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

PST (would not reach a focus, even with a 2X Barlow Lens)
Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

Here are the first two photographs taken with the D70 DSLR and the T-Adapter. They were taken through the ETX-90 with the camera mounted on the rear port using the Shutan Visual Back. The second photo added a Meade #126 2X Barlow Lens. The solar filter used was a Coronado White Light Solar Filter.

Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter Scopetronix T-1.25 Adapter

To see more, go to my Nikon D70 DSLR Prime Focus Astrophotography page.

As I have come to expect from Scopetronix, the T-Adapter and T-Ring are of high quality. Would I want to use less with a Nikon camera?!

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