Last updated: 31 December 2005
Subject:	Eyepiece Report: Speers-Waler 14mm/82deg afov
Sent:	Tuesday, December 27, 2005 21:07:10
From:	lib pollack (
Thought you might like to add this eyepiece to the list of reviewed
units.  It sells for about $159(Can) and apparently the brand was
acquired by Antares within the last few years.  These eyepieces are
designed by a Canadian.  I purchased the 1.25", 14mm unit for Christmas
and was amazed at the large size, large eye relief, large objective,
coatings, and general hefty construction of the unit (it is actually
bigger than the Meade 40mm super ploss).  The finish is comprised of a
chequered barrel  in black.  End caps are supplied as is a rubber guard.
 Focusing in my 125ETX was straightforward and when used in combination
with the Meade 40mm and 32mm super-plossl eyepieces was not far off,
although not parfocal, either.  By the way, this units will fit the
Digi-T rings supplied for the Meade plossl's.

The coatings seem to be well-done, delivering very good colours during
planetary observing; Venus was particularly sharp at the crescent edges,
with no false colour or flare that I could notice when centered.  The
FOV was easily on par with, for example, the Meade Wide-Field pieces. 
All in all, an affordable step up from possl eyepieces, especially in US

There were three eyepieces in this series:  18mm, 14mm, and 10mm. 
Apparently the 18mm has been discontinued - too much edge and flare
problems when used in fast f-stop scopes; it would have been quite good
in the 1900mm ETX, though.  After my experience with the 14mm unit I
plan to add the 10mm eyepiece, especially for Lunar study.

Russ Pollack

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