Last updated: 31 January 2006
Subject:	Review of Meade 908N Filter
Sent:	Friday, January 27, 2006 08:04:40
From:	lib pollack (
I received a Meade 908N Nebula filter for Christmas and had results very
similar to those reported for the Lumicon UHC.  My first test was on the
Great Orion Nebula, because I had never before been able to see the
structure so clearly.  It was, quite simply, quite beautiful through my
125ETX at any power, using both Meade and Speers-Waler eyepieces, all
the way down to 9.7mm.  Yes, the nebula was still blue/gray, but the
sharpness of the shapes and shadows was just as in the many photos of it
in various publications.  In addition, the Trapezium's stars were quite
sharp and the smallest (faintest) of the four was enhanced where without
the filter, it's sometimes been a bit hard to see.

In summary, this filter is very competitively priced and well worth the money.

Russ Pollack

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