Last updated: 2 April 2006
Sent:	Friday, March 31, 2006 21:23:09
From:	Allen Sellick (sellick@uci.net)
I just took out my new Orion Stratus 17mm Wide-Field Eyepiece for its
first light and Wow, It was amazing talk about wide FOV  and really
sharp contrast good eye relief. It takes a little getting use to moving
your eye around in the 1.25 diameter eye lens. My first target was the
moon great detail then the Orion nebula it look better than I have ever
seen it in my ETX125. then off to Saturn and it blue me away. I have a
ScopeTronix Maxview 14 with the Max power lens so I took off the Max
power lens and put it on the Stratus and it took it from 17mm to 8.5mm.
The Stratus cost $119.00 and has a 68 degree FOV a 20mm Eye Relief and
are Fully Multi-coated. They come in 3.5, 5, 8, 13, 17, and 21mm.  I am
enclosing a pic of the Stratus with my 26SP.

A great bang for your Buck.
Allen Sellick


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