Last updated: 7 November 2008
Subject:	Objects in the Heavens, 4th Edition Released
Sent:	Friday, November 7, 2008 14:57:44
From:	Peter Birren (peter@birrendesign.com)
Hello, Michael.

Thank you for putting up the details of my book for the last year or so.
Several people have found my book through your site.

Now I have some real news:

Objects in the Heavens, 4th Edition, has been released and is available
as of 11/03/08!!! This edition has been nearly 20 months in the making
and I'll unabashedly say that it turned out great. Here are some of the
details of OITHv4 "by the numbers":

118 pages plus cover, digest size, black coil bound, $29.95 (autographed
copies @ $24.95 on www.birrendesign.com/astro.html )
ISBN: 15536 9662-X

697 DSO's of mag 10 or brighter (21 additional v/s OITHv3.5)
206 Other than M- or NGC- objects
187 DSO's to mag 7
152 Doubles and multiple stars
137 Binocular-class objects
106 Visual associate connectors (connecting neighboring objects)
 83 Single and carbon stars (carbon (red) stars new this edition)
 73 DSO's from mag 10.0 to 10.5 (all new this edition)
 70 Object-oriented maps created in Illustrator (all new this edition)
 33 Observatory/catalog resources
 22 photos by Naoyuki Kurita

Subtitled "The Complete Mag-10 Northern Deep-Sky Viewing List and
Fieldbook," the content, size, binding and arrangement make it the ideal
at-the-scope companion for finding the great, the elusive and the
overlooked galaxies, clusters, globulars and nebulae, all within reach
of a 6" or better telescope.

This testimonial was used in the last note I sent to you but it's
powerful enough to use again:

  Several months ago, when you made a presentation about your book
at a meeting , I was impressed.  Later that evening at pizza, I asked if any
of the fellows at one table had the book, and several of them said they
did.  Unanimously, they spoke highly of its usefulness.  Thereafter, I
have been pursuing its availability at a meeting we would both attend.
  Last night, after having bought your book at the meeting, I went through
it at home in enough depth to evaluate it for my purposes.  I came away
with the impression that its a terrific resource.  You have blended so
many essential elements for planning a night of observing in any season
with your obvious hands-on experience as a dedicated observer, that the
value is manifold.  The way it's organized, and the information imparted
in a manageable space is insightful.  Congratulations on making it
Cheery skies
Jerry Chern, Northwest Suburban Astronomers member


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