Last updated: 19 August 2009

Update #1 on my ETX-LS

After the alignment problems I experienced on the first night, I decided to try again, but from a different location. So on 16 August, I set up the ETX-LS about 25' from the south side of the house. This was well away from any metal sources of interference and provided a clear view of the sky. This time I started up the ETX-LS with the OTA roughly level and pointed North (it had been pointed South on startup during my earlier attempts). I used the GPS to get the location and date/time. After it completed all the initial steps (GPS fix, North, level), it slewed to where it thought Arcturus should be. It pointed about 40 degrees too low. I aborted the alignment.

I then turned off the GPS and powered off the ETX-LS. I powered it on and entered my location (state and city name), date, and time manually. I then let it go through its North and level steps. Again, it slewed to Arcturus, and again it was too low (about 30 degrees). I gave up.

On Monday, Meade asked me to try an AC power supply. According to Meade, the LXD55/75 AC Adapter I have (2500mA) will work with the ETX-LS. However, some older LXD power supplies may put out nearly 15 VDC and should not be used with the ETX-LS. Meade is exchanging my telescope.

Monday night, 17 August, was clear so I took the ETX-LS outside and used the LXD55/75 AC Adapter. The adapter worked fine. Unfortunately, the ETX-LS was still "lost in space". It thought Arcturus was on the horizon; it was actually about 40 degrees above the horizon. Meade will be replacing the telescope. It appears the level sensor may be faulty. The OTA ends up pointing about 30 degrees below the horizon just before it starts slewing to the first alignment star. That is not normal, according to Meade.

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