Last updated: 21 July 2004

Subject:	Mike, I'd like to invite you to become the 1st recipient of this new award.- Jim
Sent:	Monday, July 19, 2004 21:57:00
From: (

Congratulations!  As the Moderator/Owner of the Meade4504Telescopes
eGroup (, a Group of
over 1100 amateur astronomers, I am pleased to inform you that your web
site has been selected to receive the "Meade4504Telescopes Astronomy
Excellence Award." 

The Meade4504Telescopes Astronomy Excellence Award is bestowed on web
sites that provide exceptional information and assistance to beginner
amateur astronomers. 

Thank you for your contribution to amateur astronomy.
If you like, you are welcome to display the "Meade4504Telescopes
Astronomy Excellence Award" logo on your web site.
Yahoo Group Award
Again, thank you for the contributions you have made to the amateur astronomy community. James R. Griggs Chicago, IL Meade4504Telescopes eGroup Moderator/Owner

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