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GLOW 2009
Last updated: 16 October 2009

On Friday, 2 October 2009, I and Jim Cadien, another Oracle amateur astronomer, set up my ETX-70AT and ETX-125AT telescopes at the Oracle, AZ, GLOW event. The weather was not very cooperative. There were more clouds than clear sky. However, at times there were small holes in the clouds that allowed GLOW attendees to view the moon and Jupiter and its 4 Galilean Moons through the telescopes. Several people came back for second looks, and some brought their friends by to look. There were many oohs and ahs when viewing Jupiter and its moons. Young and old seemed to get a thrill out of the chance to look through the telescopes. Unfortunately, many were disappointed when the clouds covered the moon or Jupiter just as they looked into the eyepiece. When the event ended at 2300 hours, we packed up the car and left. Just as we were leaving, it started to rain! It continued raining most of the remainder of the night.

Here are some photos I took on Friday night:

Jim and the telescopes:

Moon (through the clouds) and the telescopes:

One of the GLOW displays:

Another of the GLOW displays:

There were many more displays from local artists but I didn't get time to look at them. Maybe next year!

The second night of GLOW, Saturday, 3 October, was much better. We only had to dodge a few clouds. The turnout was much heavier and many people were ooh-ing and ah-ing over the views of the moon and Jupiter. Unfortunately, about an hour before the end, the dew got pretty heavy, which deteoriated the views somewhat. But overall, the attendees enjoyed looking through the telescopes.

We showed a few people how they could take simple photos through a telescope using their video and digital cameras. The results were mixed but people were excited about making the attempt and learning something new. Here is one of Jupiter and its moon I did as a demonstration using my iPhone camera:


My thanks to Jim for helping me out at GLOW. We had a very enjoyable time meeting people and showing them the views through the telescopes.

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