Last updated: 2 April 2006

Thanks to everyone who responded to the request for input on the ETX tube design. The survey has now ended and the results are below.

ETX AT model
(Meade Blue)

ETX Premier Edition model
(DSO astrophotography)


There were 91 responses.

The following comments were received:

ETX Blue Tube: Just seems more classic

as my preferred viewing condition is deep darkness, the blue design is
even more than necessary ;-)

Blue tube totally. The PE tube is too "toy store" for me.

The dark blue/purple finish is superb compared with the picture, which
is not obtainable with this scope.
Great site!

I am an engineer, a beginner astronomer and an avid reader of Weasner's
ETX site.  I prefer the basic blue anodized finish.  I think that if the
item is a toy for children, then it is fine to put the celestial
screened picture on it.  As an adult, I like the "fine machinery look"
of the original ETX. I also found the premier models red dot finder
extremely flimsy.  Keep up the good work!

I prefer the original blue tube. The PE tube (with photo) makes it look
more like a toy!

It's hard to believe that we would already have the old "Classic"
version of the ETX. I love the classic color...I guess I'm just "Old
School" LOL. I have a Dr. Clay supercharged ETX-105 and it is a Hot Rod,
just a jewel of a scope. Thanks for your efforts on the web site Mike.

the 'serious' one does not need a 'wow' effect picture on it...

I prefer the LNT module design but without the red dot finder. It would
be better, in my view, to have a place to mount a finder of my choice. I
own both versions of the ETX125 and do not care for the factory provided
finder on either one of them.

I like the simple blue tube. Besides you look through the tube not at

The ETX Blue tube is far more professional looking. The graphic on the
Premier edition, just looks tacky.

The traditional finder scope on the ETX, is more useful for fine
alignment, but the red dot is nice to get into the ball park.  The LNT
stuff, to me really is just a gimic.

Thanks again for your inputs!

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