Last updated: 30 April 2004

882 Tripod modifications

Sent:	Monday, April 26, 2004 12:04:10
From:	"Drystan" (
I recently bought an ETX 70 partly on the strength of your review and
your fabulous site.

I also thought the supplied 882 tripod seemed a little unstable looking
- the legs just didn't open quite far enough. After examining my options
I thought I'd try turning the legs around before getting busy with a
file at the metal stops. Hey Presto! Now the legs open just a little bit
further and, as an added bonus, the levers that lock the lower leg in
place are far more accessable. Nextthing to do isfile or saw off the
three little nipples that now prevent the legs from closing fully -
otherwise the plastic part at the top of the leg might snap in storage
or transport.

Happy Stargazin'



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