Last updated: 22 October 2004

Handle on ETX lens-lid

Sent:	Thursday, October 21, 2004 05:49:39
From:	Frank Schfer (
Probably not a really new idea, but i didn't find it yet ;-)

The first (and hopefully one of very few) thing that annoyed me with my
new ETX125 was the thin rim of the lens cap. So i had a look in the box
with the bought-but-never-used-parts under the workbench and found a
small drawer handle. Drilled two holes in the aluminum lid and fixed it
with two philips screws (and two drops of thread locking fluid). Now the
lid can be unscrewed even with winter-gloves ...;-)

Thank for your mighty homepage, it was the first Google led me to and is still the first address to look for solutions ! Best regards Frank Schaefer Reken, Germany

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