Last updated: 26 October 2004

ETX Motor and internal wire cutting

Sent:	Monday, October 25, 2004 08:17:13
From:	Ian Docherty (
I thought I would send you a quick e-mail to advise fellow ETX users of
a design flaw that has inflicted my ETX 105 and which may also occur in
other models in the ETX range.

Twice now whilst out viewing with my telescope the alt drive has failed,
I thought it was the batteries and checked them, they were fine, then I
thought gears may be slipping so I degreased them, this had no effect.

I could not find the problem until I dismantled the telescope, I took
out the base and when I saw the internal wiring it had been pulled into
the gears and had been 'cut' by them. I soldered the wire back together
and all seemed to be working, this problem has happened twice and am now
very good with a small soldering iron! The problem seems to be that when
the base turns through 360 degrees the internal wiring gets dragged over
and into the drive mechanism. I have now taped the wires together with
strips of duck tape so that they are too big to slip into the drive
mechanism, the only problem with that is that it may now put too much
pressure on the wiring as it turns in the base, only time will tell.

I have attached a photo (someone else's) showing the area where the gear
and the brass threaded bar pull in the wires and cut them. I am now out
of my years warranty so I decided to fix this myself, I am still a
little annoyed by it, as it seems like a fundamental design flaw.
However I am still happy with my EX. 105, nearly two years on and still
enjoying it.

Just thought I would send this in the hope that other people can benefit from my experience. Regards Ian

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