Last updated: 4 April 2004

ETX 90 Wood Case from OPT (Discontinued)

Date: 4/4/04, 12:49
From: Brian Starkey (
ETX 90 Case, hand made (Unknown builder) bought from OPT
( , $70 (included shipping).

Just thought that I would sent you some information on a case the I
recently purchased from OPT. Although it's been discontinued, I figured
it might give some folks

ideas!  It's a nicely crafted box with spring loaded handle, secure
locking mechanism, and reinforced corners.

Inside is pre-cut foam, forming to the shape of the ETX 90, several circular cutouts for larger accessories (ie, eyepieces) and after some customization, it can fit the Autostar And the cord for it....I am working on a better way to get it all to fit nicely.
Since it was discontinued, I got it for $70 w/shipping. Not bad considering I wanted to keep it under $100. Well, there is...its not much but its great to start out with!

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