Last updated: 12 June 2004

Home made ETX 105-box

Sent:	Friday, June 11, 2004 15:27:59
From:	Tomas Hekkers (
Creativity still remains my number one. I transformed a toolbox into a
useful transport-box for my ETX 105. I used a lot of foam, black self
sticking felt and velcro and a and few plastic household-boxes. The
result is that you can transport your ETX bounceproof from A to B, have
all your gear in just one big box and organised the way you like. The
plastic boxes are sticked inside the ETX-box with velcro and can be
removed. Let the picture speak for itself.

Oh....and tell me if I forget to pack any neccesary tools or gadgets in
my box, there is still space.

Finally for some good Dutch VENUS TRANSIT pictures take a look at

We had a great day, 8th june in Holland, clear sky and 30 Celsius!

Hear you all later,



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