Last updated: 11 January 2004

Crutch Tripod

Subject: ETX Tripod suggestion..
Date: 1/11/04, 19:49
I have an ETX-60 on the Meade 882 tripod.

I wanted a sturdier tripod for use with this scope
and maybe a larger scope in the future...

I found this site with a nice article on building a sturdy
tripod from aluminum crutches. I found 4 matching ones
today at my local Goodwill store and they will make fine sturdy adjustable legs.
I paid $6 for the crutches and maybe $10 for the rest of the items
to make them and it will hold any ETX scope. I did copy some
of this fellows design but will substitute chain to keep the legs from
splaying out too far instead of a wooden shelf. So if anyone is handy
with a few tools they might want to give it a try.

Check out the picture with him standing on his tripod!


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