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ETX90 Budget Dewcap

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Thought that I would drop you a line and let you know that I have really
enjoyed your website.  It is great to have such a comprehensive
collection of knowledge and experiences all in one place.

I don't particularly like to spend large amounts of money on things that
I can make for myself so I put my mind to producing a dewcap for my
ETX90.  I'll cut to the chase -- after some reflection and brainstorming
here's what I came up with:

I fashioned a cap out of a 4 inch styrene coupling for PVC pipe which
can be obtained from any of the large home impovement chains.  I decided
against the  already-black coupling off the shelf because it was quite
heavy and figured it was probably too heavy for the drives.

The coupling I ended up purchasing was white and pretty light. To make
it black I sprayed it over with several coats of black Plasti Dip rubber
coating. I tried some cheap flat black spray paint, but it rubbed off on
everything it touched.  After the plasti dip dried I tried it out.  It
fit over the tube and the inner ring of the coupling rested nicely on
the end.  The result was a fairly light and durable dewcap that cost
about $5 instead of $15 to $25 which is the price range of the
commercial caps.  So far it seems to do it's job and doesn't appear to
interfere with viewing.

Take care,
Jim Hunt

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