Last updated: 20 December 2004

Inexpensive 9v adaptor for EXT-70at

Sent:	Sunday, December 19, 2004 14:10:13
From:	Mike (
First let me say GREAT SITE!  

I did all the digging on the ETX-70at for powering it, and I am still a
bit nervous about sending it 12v (My warranty is nervous too!)  So I
decided to look for a suitable 9v solution.  My search was not long at
the local Radio Shack.

Part No     Description             Price 
273-1805    6/9v Regulated Auto Adaptor     $3.97
273-1745    9v Snap Adaptaplug accessory        Free!! (You get one
adaptaplug free with purchase of an adaptaplug cord)

As I already had a Coleman jump starter that has 2 12v power ports at
10ah, and a light on top!! (gotta figure out how to make it red!)
HarborFreight has it for $29.99

So, for under $35, I have a power supply for both my scopes (I have a
ds-2130 that will work straight off 12v) and it should run in the
hundreds of hours before running low.

Thanks again,


Stafford, VA

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