Last updated: 14 April 2004

Post mount ETX 125 EC

Sent:	Monday, April 12, 2004 18:42:17
From:	"The Blaisdells" (
This is my post mount for my ETX 125 EC.

I used 2 inch galvanized marine dock pipe with an aluminum marine pipe
cap. The cap had raised letters that I filed flat and then drilled and
tapped a 1/4 20 hole in the center to mount a Scopetronics adapter
mount. I also added extra side holes tapped 1/4 20 on the side of the
cap to secure and level the mount. 240 lbs. of concrete filled the post
hole and filled the remainder of pipe with fine sand to reduce any
vibration. The addition of an old grindstone base and marine deck plate
finished it to add looks. First try showed NO vibration or tilt due to
the low center of gravity and 15 lb. weight of the scope. I also use an
electric focuser so every thing is hands off thus reducing vibration
further. All parts were purchased at Aubuchon Hardware.

Rick Blaisdell




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