Last updated: 8 June 2004

35mm film canister solar finder

Sent:	Monday, June 7, 2004 07:07:51
From:	Mark Gibbons (
Having got a solar filter for my ETX 105 just in time for the Transit of
Venus, I needed a solar finder (sun sight). I made one out of a 35 mm
film canister bydrilling as small a holein the middle of the base of it,
so the film canister acts as a tiny pin-hole camera.The canistercap is
clear buthas a ring and a dot cast in the middle, which makes for easy
solar alignment.The canister fits the finderscope holder perfectly,
andthe screws allow easyzeroing. With the normal right-angle
finderremoved,it doesn't poke you in the bridge of yournose whilst you
look through the eyepiece.

sun pointer sun pointer sun pointer sun pointer
Great site - so useful. Cheers! Mark Gibbons Minchinhampton, UK

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