Last updated: 16 June 2004

ETX tower

Sent:	Monday, June 14, 2004 10:08:32
From:	Paul Davies (
I thought you might be interested in my latest ETX related project. I
have built a tower, which I have installed semi-permanently in my garden
(with 4 masonry bolts). Its about a meter tall, and designed to carry an
ETX 'scope both in Alt-Az and Polar modes. In Polar Mode it works in
conjunction with a BC&F ETX wedge. (BC&F = Broardhurst Clarkson & Fuller
 - a British 'scope dealer).

The tower stays outside all the time and the 'Scope and wedge live indoors. To observe, I fit the wedge to the tower, keeping it in place with bungee cord. The primary advantage is that I don't need to lug the tripod out side to observe anymore. Considering I have the 'scope, the EPs etc and possibly the laptop, loosing the tripod will be a great help. The power is bolted down so the wedge will be aligned (approximately) north. There is some adjustment in the wedge for that.. There are 3 screw legs and a small level on the wedge to allow foe leveling it out. cheers Paul

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