Last updated: 17 May 2005
Subject:	Tripod adjustment on ETX
Sent:	Saturday, May 14, 2005 18:13:29
From:	Fernando Pertuz (
In reply to Paul Ramesh's predicament. Those lowly beings that live in
latitudes that are non-existant to Meade's engineers have to resort to
using a little bit of craftmanship. Using a Dremmel Moto-tool and a
metal cutting tip I Trimmed off about 40 from the bottom edge of the
north side of the plate that holds the scope. -picture 1- (The actual
amount was determined by trial and error) My Tripod can now incline (and
be stable) to about 10 from vertical -picture 2- and nicely accomodate
to my 11 location.

Polar allignment is required for astrophotography

Fernando Pertuz
Barranquilla, Colombia 75W 11N



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