Last updated: 11 April 2005

ETX-125 Case with Outline

Date: 	April 11, 2005 12:54:13 PDT
Here is a sugestion for a carrying / shipping case for the ETX125.  I
had intended to buy a commercial unit but the costs against the apparent
protection seems a bit over the top.  In the UK there is not the range
or choice of suppliers that you have in the US so it took me some time
to put all this together.

This is the case.  It is available in the UK from a company called Key
Industrial Equipment Ltd.  Its reference is 212L040N
and its dimensions are 680 x 490 x 405 mm.  A bit big but plenty of room
for padding and about 80.

This space was filled with 8 layers of foam, 2" thick which by chance exactly filled the height. One full layer I glued to the lid and the rest placed in the base. Four were cut to the full outline of the scope, One layer was sculpted to allow the base of the scope to settle through and the top cut layer I sculpted to fit in as a plug. Here you can see the lid filling and the top layer with the plug in place. The white finder lens cap (an old pill bottle cut down) is just below the surface of the foam.
You can see the outline to the scope, this is the 'plug'.
The plug is the full thickness over the OTA but is sculpted around the scope base to offer a more complete support. You can just see the handles on the end of the case. You can also see my Dew Cap on my sofa behind the case. The scope is a very snug fit in the foam padding. Here the plug has been removed and inverted so you can see the shaping on the underside. You can also now see the cloth strap I made to lift the scope out without sliding my hands around the sides. This has a wooden 'handle' to allow an easy grip. You can just see the layering of the foam sheets. Here you can see my wife lifting the scope using the base/azimuth clamp hole to grip and the cloth strap.
Here the scope is removed, you can clearly see the layers and the shaping on the lowest layer.
Those who are interested might note there are only 5 layers in the case with one in the lid that makes 6 in all. There is one full layer below the visible bottom layer and this would have left one extra to fill the space. In order to make the access easier I put this at the bottom of the pile so the scope has over 4" of foam underneath. All layers were glued with a non-volatile adhesive. This case probably has far too much free space but it does offer good protection and does not cost as much as the Meade case so I am more than happy. I hope it prompts other in the UK to attempt this. The templates can be enlarged using a photo copier and are accurate as you can see by my results. For those that are interested here are my template drawings:-
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