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ETX low cost selfmade flexible focuser tip

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Hello from Germany!

First: Weasner, Your website is great! Thanks for collecting all of this
info stuff and presenting it to us.

I have a low cost tip for building a flexible focuser for the etx. (mine
is an ETX 90RA) All you need is a 10 to 15 cm steel cable rest and a
"insulating screw joint" with an inner diameter of 5mm. Here in germany
you can get a 12 part package of those joints for less than 1 Eur in the
do-it-yourself store. The tools You need to build this are a sharp
knife, a small screwdriver for slotted screws, an inbus screwdriver for
the focus knob and maybe wire cutting pliers.

First, turn out the screws and cut out the metal part from a insulating screw joint.
Then cut off the two tubes from the plastic part of the insulating screw joint and cut out a part of the tubes.
Now remove the focusing knob from Your ETX, screw on the metal part of the insulating screw joint and put a plastic tube-part in the other end of the metal part of the insulating screw joint. You can put in the steel cable now and tighten the screws - the steel cable will be centered in the metal part of the insulating screw joint by the plastic tube-part.
The last thing to do is to put the other plastic tube-part into the focusing knob and mount it on the other end of the steel cable.
Now, You have a flexible focuser looking like this:
photo photo
Have a good tool time and always clear skies, Martin.

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