Last updated: 20 May 2005
Subject:	PE series LNT Summary (Update)
Sent:	Friday, May 20, 2005 05:54:53
From: (
Thanks to inputs from the knowledgeable folks that visit your site,
particularly Dick Seymour, I have some corrections as to how the LNT
module determines Level, North and Tilt.

The component I thought was a magnetic sensor array is actually a 2-axis
accelerometer that is sensitive to the static acceleration of Earths
gravity.  This is used to determine Level and Tilt.

North is determined by a magnetometer that changes state when the sensor
coil becomes perpendicular to the local magnetic field.  This signal is
used by the AutoStar to set the Az axis to 0 deg. at that point.  Any
corrections previously determined by a Cal Sensors procedure are then

The overall functionality of the LNT is pretty much as I described
before and this update is basically for technical accuracy.

Attached are views of the LNT board showing the major components.

LNT Board
Regards, Mike

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