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Meade 884 Tripod enhancement (maybe) for declination adjustment

Sent:	Thursday, March 17, 2005 05:36:54
From:	Jim Holland (
Someone may have already thought of this and posted, but I did not see it.


Jim Holland


A simple declination fine adjustment enhancement for Meade's 884 tripod
when using polar alignment.

1)  Remove the Declination adjustment rod from the tripod by remove the
set screw from the pivot point
2)  Use a 7/16 die to cut threads up the rod as far as you like.
3)  Replace the rod using two washers and a nut (a wing nut would work
best), the washers successively larger.

I've attached a couple of digital photos of what I did.



I am at 30 N so my base plate is tilted over at 60 degrees, which makes the OTA/drive base want to tend to fall to the floor. The arrangement of washers/nuts will keep it from falling all the way. Use the nut for fine tuning your declination. I found that on my tripod the scale on the rod for the declination is off. I suppose you could thread the rod from top to bottom, and use two sets of washers/nuts. One set on top and one set on the bottom of where the locking mechanism is located. But for my Latitude the one of the bottom works well. If you used two sets, you would lose your ability to use the leveling pin that is part of the declination rod. You would have to use the tripod legs adjustment to obtain leveling for Alt/Az mode.

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