Last updated: 14 May 2005

Tripod mod (additional weight)

Sent:	Wednesday, May 11, 2005 14:14:25
From:	Frank Schfer (
As satisfied as i am with my 125er i was still looking for a more stable
stand on the Meade 884 tripod. I thought I'd read on your page something
about adding weight to a tripod but couldn't find it again. A friend
welded some pieces of junk metal ( a tube, filled with iron debris, two
lids) together and made a pretty 25 pounder out of it. An old chain, a
cut open washer welded on a lug, some clear vanish and here we are. The
weight gives (naturally) more force to the tripods feet on the ground
and that gives (imho) a better stand on the ground.

Clear skies Frank Schaefer Reken, Germany

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