Last updated: 28 October 2006
Subject:	ETX 884 mod
Sent:	Wednesday, October 25, 2006 16:06:44
From:	Brad (
This is a modification to the 884 tripod for access to the power switch
on the ETX 90 RA.

Remove the metal base from the ETX 90RA. Place the base on the EQ
mounting plate of the 884 tripod. There are three screws that attach the
base to the telescope. I selected the single screw as my North
orientation and placed it on the tripod plate at the elevation rod. I
then used a sharp pointed tool to scratch a mark through the power
switch slot. I then removed the base and drilled two .312 holes edge to
edge and filed the remainder of metal to form a slot about .625 long.
Now when the ETX is mounted on the 884 tripod, I can use a small flat
blade screw driver or pocket knife to turn the power on or off. This
really works nice.

Brad Tonelli


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